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Lapland Weddings

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Aurora View

Shaman at Auroa View

The Aurora View Kota is the ideal venue for couples who wish a private experience in a non commercialised setting.

Hidden away in the spectacular wilderness at the edge of a frozen lake lies the unique Aurora View wedding venue. Reached by a snowy 2km trail your magical wedding experience unfolds when you arrive at the remote kota. In this most private of settings the dark Arctic day is gently lit by flickering candles and outside fires, giving a magical look to your most memorable day.

Imagine your guests excitement as they take their seats in a horse pulled sleigh and embark on the ride down towards the frozen lake. The groom travels with the wedding party and waits at the kota for the arrival of the bride in her own horse or husky drawn sleigh.

Inside the kota the Magistrate waits to marry you. Make your vows inside the cosy interior of the kota, creating a unique and unforgettable experience.

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Snow Village

Snow Village Bar

The Snow village, lying almost 200km above the Arctic Circle, is near Ylläs and Levi ski-resorts and easily reachable from the international airport of Kittilä, Finland.

Each year the Snow Village is constructed from snow and ice and filled with magnificent ice sculpture art. The design changes each year so it is always a unique experience.

Visitors can dine in the a La Carte Restaurant with its tables and bar carved from ice or stay in one of the approximately 30 hotel rooms made from ice - even the bed is carved from ice blocks. There are also suites available each individually decorated with unique ice decorations. Because of the insulating effect of the snow and ice the internal temperature will remain a 'balmy' -2 to -5 degrees Celsius even when the outside temperature fall to -40℃.

In the evening you can dance in the Ice Disco and sip your drinks from glasses made from ice.

Wedding couples can choose between a wedding or blessing in an ice chapel with its furnishings and decorations carved from blocks of ice and snow or a more traditional, small and cosy wooden chapel.

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Ice Castle

Levi Ice Castle Chapel

With its special ice sculptures decorated with lights the Levi Snow Ice Chapel Gallery is a unique and magical place

This land of lappish food, music, ice and snow is located only 7 km north from Levi fell village along the river Ounasjoki. Here you can feel the exotic and enchanting nature of Lapland!

Our venue is situated in an arctic location in the middle of nature where the street lights do not shine. Here you have all possibilities to see the beautiful clear star sky and maybe even the Northern Lights!

Inside the snow castle we have Ice bar, Ice chapel and snow hotel with beautiful ice sculptures and other artworks. The castle will cover area of 10 000 square meters. In the snow hotel you can experience an unforgettable night in the beautiful and cool hotel room in a warm sleeping bag. The Ice chapel is great for astonishing white weddings.

Ceremonies at Levi Ice Castle will be held in the breathtaking Ice Chapel where all interior furnishings are made from snow and ice. The chapel will be decorated with tasteful carvings to suite the setting and reindeer skin seats for guest of up to approximately 20 people (fits 30 people in total) Photographs can be taken inside the chapel and of the beautiful exterior. The ceremony lasts approx 20 minutes.

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Northern Lights House

Inside The Northern Lights House

The Northern Lights House cannot be explained; it must be experienced - a unique setting for special occasions

It is one man's dream vision come true: a truly personal and startling holiday villa whose large windows create a stage for the amazing performances of the northern nature.

Partly built into the ground, the Northern Lights House is a luxury-filled fantasy that provides an inimitable and luxurious setting within a unique landscape for diverse celebrations and events.

The peaceful Lapp landscape is an unforgettable setting for any occasion.

The villa has a living room with landscape windows and fireplace, a kitchen, two suite bedrooms, three toilets, a cosy fireplace den, a sauna with fridge, a bathroom and a terrace with a hot tub for six and stunning views.

The bedrooms – the Gold Suite and the Lapp Suite – are both ensuite with double beds. The gorgeous living room has a vaulted ceiling for star-gazing and admiring the northern lights. The sofas in the living room and fireplace den provide additional beds for 2–4 guests.

Northern Lights House is equipped with TV, radio/CD player, karaoke equipment, DVD player, electric stove and oven, dishwasher, microwave, coffee maker and kettle, toaster, fridge, freezer, hair dryer, washing machine, clothes dryer, iron, ironing board and a socket for car engine heaters.

Sleeps 4–8 guests

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Arctic SnowHotel

Arctic SnowHotel

The Arctic SnowHotel is a true demonstration of snow building, every year built in a unique way. On the shores of the Lehtojärvi Lake, the Arctic SnowHotel is suituated 26Km from Rovaniemi, far from the noise of road traffic and the lights of Rovaniemi.

A white wedding ceremony in the Ice Chapel os a dream come true! The fairytale-like atmosphere of the Ice Chapel provides a perfectly grand setting for the most important day of your lives. Located north of the Arctic Circle, bathing in the tranquility of Arctic nature, lying beneath the Northern Lights and starry skies, is a palace made entirely of snow and ice.

Sleeps 4–8 guests

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