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Arctic SnowHotel

Unforgettable wedding experience deep in the Lappish countryside.
A white wedding ceremony in the Ice Chapel is a dream come true! The fairytale-like atmosphere of the Ice Chapel provides a perfectly grand setting for the most important day of your lives. Located north of the Arctic Circle, bathing in the tranquillity of Arctic nature, lying beneath the Northern Lights and starry skies is a palace made entirely of snow and ice.
The Arctic SnowHotel is a true demonstration of snow building, every year built in a unique way. On the shores of the Lehtojärvi Lake, the Arctic SnowHotel is situated 26Km from Rovaniemi, far from the noise of road traffic and the lights of Rovaniemi.
Please note that as the Arctic SnowHotel is re-built every year the images shown are from previous years.


Create your own magical wedding

The seating on either side of the long aisle takes up to 120 guests to watch the wedding ceremony at the altar made of glistening snow and ice.
In the Arctic SnowHotel, you can dine in the Ice Restaurant where delicacies from the Arctic are served from an ice table. Down a drink served in an ice glass (but not on the rocks) in the Ice Bar.
Spending your wedding night in the SnowHotel Suite will be the highlight of this lifetime experience!

The Arctic SnowHotel

The Arctic SnowHotel is a once in a lifetime experience when seen for yourself.

Bride & Groom Arctic Snow Hotel (2).png

Sprinkle extra magic on your wedding day
With some great ideas to help you can add more excitement and magic to your wedding package. Turn an already special day into an even more magical experience with a Lappish meal, an exciting snow sauna, and a romantic first night in a SnowHotel suite.
Wedding Photos
Share your special day with your friends and family by having your wedding photos shot by one of our photographers. He'll take photos of your arrival, the ceremony and portraits of you and your guests after the ceremony.
Arrive in style
Make a stylish arrival at your wedding, arrive in traditional Lappish style. Enjoy a romantic reindeer sledge arrival, it’s the perfect way to arrive at the Arctic SnowHotel Chapel.
Choose your Restaurant
Lappish delicacies from the game, local fish, Lappish berries and so much more.
Choose from the Ice Restaurant or for a warmer setting for a Lappish meal the Lumikartano or the Kota Restaurants

Even more excitement!
In the ground of the Arctic SnowHotel is a choice of saunas. For the adventurous, the Snow sauna -built out of snow can get you really steamed up, or the Lakeside sauna for a more traditional experience with enough space for 40 bathers.
The Lumikartona Sauna for at most 10 persons is a small alternative
The sauna has an adjacent lounge with fireplace for relaxing after bathing in the sauna.

Wedding night
Arctic SnowHotel
Within the thick wall of the SnowHotel, you' are hidden away from the dark of the Arctic night and harsh temperatures the icy, snowy wall keep the air temperature just below zero. The rooms and furniture have all been sculpted from snow and ice but your warm sleeping bag will keep your body warm.
Glass Igloo
The glass-roofed igloos provide you with the opportunity to sleep beneath the starry skies and the Northern Lights. The beds in the igloo are motorized. (Northern Lights are not guarnteed)

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