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Aurora View

Magical venue for a private wedding experience

The Aurora View Kota is the ideal venue for couples who wish a private experience in a non commercialised setting.

Whether you´re planning a small intimate wedding or for a larger party up of up to 18 guests this unique venue in its winter wonderland setting will ensure your Lapland wedding dreams are fulfilled.  

Hidden away in the spectacular wilderness at the edge of a frozen lake lies the unique Aurora View wedding venue. Reached by a snowy 2km trail your magical wedding experience unfolds when you arrive at this remote Kota. In this most private of settings, the dark Arctic day is gently lit by flickering candles and outside fires, giving a magical look to your most memorable day.


The Aurora View Kota

The Aurora View Kota is the ideal venue for a small intimate wedding or a larger party size of up to 18 guests. Our prices shown below are based on a couple and cover everything you’ll need to make your special day one to remember.

And why not sprinkle some extra magic on your wedding day by adding a Shaman ritual, a traditional Lappish meal or a romantic wedding night in a glass igloo perched high up on the Levi fell.

Inside the Kota, the Magistrate waits to marry you. Make your vows inside the rustic Kota, creating a unique and unforgettable experience.

After the ceremony as a newly married couple, you can relax with your guests inside the cosy traditional Lappish Aurora View Kota, decorated with reindeer furs and candles. Sit by the warm flickering fire and enjoy a celebratory drink and wedding cake. Afterwards, wrap up warm for the return sleight drive back up the snowy trail and your onward transport back to your resort accommodation.


Sprinkle extra magic on your wedding day

We've got some great ideas to help you add some extra magic on your wedding package. Turn an already special day into an even more magical experience with a Shaman ritual, a Lappish meal or a night in a glass igloo.

Add Something Completely Unique – A Shaman Ritual

For a totally Lappish experience why not include a traditional Shaman ritual to your wedding ceremony. The Shaman's drumming and singing are said to bring good luck, combining you and your partners’ energies together, filling your common path with love, joy and mutual understanding.

The ritual includes the services of the Shaman who will sing and drum connecting the energies of your wedding rings. You'll also receive a hand-made Shaman talisman with the date and your names to remind you of your wonderful day. 

A Traditional Lappish Meal - To Complete Your Special Day

Let the magic of your wedding continue - round off the day by having a traditional meal served inside the warmth of the intimate Aurora Kota.  It's a great way to add some extra authenticity to your wilderness wedding. Your guests will love the traditional Lappish food. There are three menu options to choose from, a typical three-course meal include specialities such as lightly smoked salmon or reindeer fillet and iced cranberries with hot caramel sauce.

Glass Igloo Wedding Night

Get your first night as newly-weds off to a romantic start in a glass igloo high up on the Levi Fell. Our igloos are fully roofed over with glass so that the sky at night, the Northern Lights or the white nights of summer are always just above you.

Snuggle up together on the motorised rotating bed in the centre of the igloo and follow the sky at your leisure! Ingeniously designed these 23 m2 igloos are equipped with kitchenettes and private bathrooms.

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